children of the night?

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The NY Times last Sunday reported a somewhat predictable tidbit on the rising popularity of goth amongst Latino teens in the Bronx:

"The Coven of the Grand Concourse"

Of course, the article is rife with references to Hot Topic, Evanescence, and "the occult," and the author can't help reminding us of the "dark side of Gothness" -- self harm, runaways, shopping in the mall.

Still, author Nina Malkin wouldn't be the first to observe that "[i]n America, Goths are usually thought of as white, middle-class and suburban." Spectacular subcultures like goth, punk and rave tend to emerge in industrialized countries among working and middle-class youth -- usually white and urban (and to a lesser degree suburban). In developing countries, the middle class tends to emphasize consuming in ways that reinforce their class status, conforming to certain standards rather than deviating from them.

It remains to be seen whether youth embrace subcultures like goth to "resist" social norms, rather than to create their own coherent cultural identities and social groups. But it would be interesting if Malkin has actually identified an emerging trend among the children of more recent immigrants to this country.

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